Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sugar Free Gum

Have you ever had that experience where something you eat, see, hear, or smell brings forth an instant memory?  I had a bizarre one today.

Lauren and I took a quick trip to Wal-Mart (groan) during half time of the Husker game.  She had written us a list so that we wouldn't forget all of the "important" things we were there for.  Well, a half hour later we left after paying way too much money for too few of items.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't ever get out of Wal-Mart (groan) for less than $100. . .regardless of what I'm there for.

So, we got in the van and were headed on our way when Lauren asked for a piece of the gum she had talked me into.  Our rules about gum are pretty simple: it must be sugar-free, and you are allotted one piece of gum per day.  I dug some out for her and asked her to get a piece out for me too.  Enter, THE MOMENT.

I popped that piece of gum in my mouth and was instantly transported to my childhood doctor's office.  Dr. Mortimer always gave us a piece of sugar-free bubble gum at the end of every checkup.  And this gum tasted exactly like the gum he always gave us.  Weird.  I don't actually have a specific memory that comes to mind, just the overall feeling of leaving his office with that gum in my mouth.

I remember Dr. Mortimer as being a very kind doctor, but a little "old school" looking back.  Of course, what we might consider "old school" now, was probably very with-the-times then!  When we would go in for our school/sports physicals he would actually tap our knees with that funny triangle shaped hammer thing that I have NEVER seen our doctor use on my kids.  And he actually used those nasty tasting tongue depressors to check the back of your throat as you stuck out your tongue and said "Ahng."  (No, that's NOT a try saying "ah" with your tongue out and a wooden tongue depressor pressing down on it!  It comes out "ahng.")Speaking of those tongue depressors; maybe I have Dr. Mortimer to "thank" for my strong gag reflex and my sensitivity to textures in foods.  Hmmmm.

Who would have thought that a silly little piece of sugar-free bubble gum could bring back such vivid memories.  I wonder if he's on Facebook?  LOL

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