Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Boys and Dogs

My dog Sadie loves my kids.  And my kids love Sadie.  Braden and Sadie are especially fond of each other.  Braden plays Frisbee with Sadie nearly every morning before we leave for work/school.  And in turn, Sadie is not shy in expressing her love for him, which usually means he needs his face washed.  Today, however, Braden was not fond of Sadie.

Braden had asked me if he could eat a fruit snack.  I said no because I had just put a very *healthy* pizza in the oven and it would be done shortly.  He proceeded to whine about it.  "That's one." I said.  He whined a little more and said, "Please, I'll be so nice I promise!"  "That's two."  I said.  He whined some more.  I said, "That's three, time out."  He threw a fit all the way to time out.  Sadie followed us.  I walked back to the kitchen to set the timer for his three minutes.  Then I start to hear him yelling at Sadie: "Sadie, leave me alone!  Sadie stoooooop!  Go away!"  So I glanced out at the "time out rug" and there sits Braden yelling at Sadie.  Sadie has decided that she is Braden's keeper and there she sits, directly in front of him, staring.  Just staring at him!

I couldn't help it.  I laughed out loud and called Sadie over to me.  I wonder if she understood my lecture about not being Braden's boss and that I would be responsible for his staying in time out. =P

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