Friday, October 22, 2010

Things I Know to be True

This list is a compilation of things that I have learned in my lifetime, however short some of you might think it's been, and I'd like to share them with you and see what you think.  We'll see if any of them are interesting enough to build upon for future posts. :)

These, of course, are in no particular order...just in the order that I have remembered them or made them up. LOL!
  1. Never Say Never!  (Case in point, I own a mini-van and I teach Kindergarten!)
  2. Do not allow your children to watch television until they are over the age of 5.  I did not follow this "truth" but I believe it now because of all the tears that are shed when the TV is turned off, or not allowed on. it worth it to cry over?  No...but I do remember countless nights in college when my boyfriend (now husband) was not allowed to call the house I shared with three other girls because Melrose Place was on and we didn't want any interruptions.  No DVR back then!  As a result of MY being allowed TV, well, at any point in my life, I am addicted and could watch it all day if I wasn't trying to be a good role model some of the time.
  3. DVR is awesome! :)
  4. Having kids is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
  5. Having kids is the most stressful thing I have ever done!
  6. I could kill someone trying to hurt my children and not feel badly about it.
  7. Guns don't kill people.  Husbands who come home early do.  (LOL!  I had to put that one in there! LOL!)
  8. Children will do anything for a Skittle. :)
  9. Children can play together for days, weeks, maybe even months without ever exchanging names.
  10. Children will play together regardless of age, creed, gender, or language.  Play is a language all of its own.  I love this fact! :)
  11. Your children have enough friends, they don't need you to be their friend, they need you to be the parent; set boundries, have rules, give them responsibilities, and be there for them when their friends are not.
  12. You don't always have to interferre when sibling rivalry rears its ugly head, again, and again, and again.  Let them work it out more often than not.  They need to learn to get along with difficult people, and who's more difficult than their sibling who is the complete opposite as them!
  13. Even good parents have naughty kids.  (You've met Braden right?!!) LOL
  14. Nothing good ever happens after midnight. :)  But sometimes fun things do. ;)  But bad, definitely bad. LOL
  15. Children don't care how awful your voice is, just as long as you sing with them: loudly and proudly!
  16. Don't wait too long to tell the people you love how much you care.  Tell them daily if possible.  Life is way too short and ends before anyone is ready. 
  17. Writing thank you notes is a lost artform. 
  18. People who don't treat their animals like they are a part of the family don't deserve to have them.  And people who mistreat their animals should have the same thing happen to them.
  19. People who mistreat children should just be shot.  End of story.
  20. Singing the wrong lyrics to a song does not make you makes you creative!  ("I weigh too much, hate the sound!"----Highway to the Dangerzone) :)
  21. Blogging is a way to talk too much without anyone interrupting you. :)

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