Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Girl for the Guys

A very good friend of mine dropped by tonight while we were outside playing football with the kids.  She told me I was amazing and that I was a real "guy's girl." =)  I like that!  My response to her was, "Well, you've seen my camo mailbox and the deer skull pinned to it right?  What do you think!"  She told me not to breathe a word of it to her husband or he might get ideas. :)

Before I met Jason I was petrified of guns.  But by the time I went home to the farm with him for the first time he had me holding and shooting any that he could get his hands on.  As a result, I am quite the markswoman!  I have always told Jason not to surprise me by coming home early from a trip because I will shoot first and ask questions later!!!  We are raising our kids not to fear guns, but to respect them.  The kids go shooting with their dad whenever we are back at the farm and they love it.  Of course they can't hit the target without Jason holding the gun with them, but they still love it.  One of my favorite Laurenisms occurred when she was about two years old.  We had taken her to the zoo in Omaha and we were looking at the giraffes.  She got all excited and said to Jason: "Shoot it Daddy!"  LOL!  Can you tell she's the daughter of a hunter?  And just the other night the kids had been downstairs playing together.  Jason went down to get something and was chuckling to himself as he came up the stairs.  He said that when he walked past the couch he looked over and the kids had posed our coyote pelt with a nerf gun on top of it.  They had apparently been coyote hunting with their play guns and had shot one...and every good hunter knows you have to pose the animal just right to make it look good for the camera!!!

So, how does it feel to be the only one in the family that the hunting bug HASN'T bitten?  Awesome.  Know why?  Because as soon as both kids are old enough to hunt, I will have some VERY quiet weekends during hunting season.  I can't wait. =)

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