Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today's Headline Reads: 5 Year Old Outsmarts the Tooth Fairy!

Lauren has had this awfully, wiggly, disgusting example of a tooth for far too long now.  Last night she was horrified when it started bleeding.  I think it was the tooth's way of saying "enough already, get me outa here!"  So we finally convinced her to pull it out.  This is only the 2nd tooth that she has lost, so there is still much excitement about these things in our house. She very proudly paraded it around the house and excitedly placed it into her purple, velvet pouch and under her pillow to await the monetary deposit that the tooth fairy would make.

Upon bedtime, she and I were talking about her tooth, the new gap in her mouth, and the cool things that she can do now that the tooth has vacated the premises (ie - drink milk through a straw by placing the straw in the hole, spit water at her brother in the bathtub through the hole...these types of fun things).  Lauren informed me that she didn't want the tooth fairy to take her tooth.  I said that of course she would take it, and leave her some money in its place.  She insisted that she keep her tooth!  But she would never give me reason.  So as I closed her door we ended our conversation with how excited the tooth fairy would be to get her nice baby tooth.

During the wee hours of the morning, the tooth fairy fluttered into Lauren's room and reached under her pillow to extract the purple, velvet pouch.  It wasn't there.  "That's odd," thought the tooth fairy.  So, she looked all around Lauren's bed in case it had fallen.  Nowhere to be found.  So, she looked in Lauren's jewelry box, thinking that maybe she had tucked it there for safe keeping.  Nope.  She looked in Lauren's dollhouse.  Not there either.  She looked in Lauren's nightstand drawer. Nada. The tooth fairy finally gave up and fluttered away, very disappointed.

This morning Jason and I went into Lauren's room to wake her up and see what the tooth fairy left for her.  She lifted up her pillow to show us that there was nothing there.  "Where is it?," asked her father.  Lauren said that the tooth fairy hadn't left her anything because she had hidden her tooth and planned to keep it!  Jason and I looked all over her room, but to no avail.  So we told her that we give up.  She smiled sheepishly and stated: "It's in my robe pocket."

And that is how the tooth fairy was outsmarted by a 5 year old. :)  (Round 2 guess is that the tooth fairy wins this time!)

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